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Wave Shape

Training Plan Tuesday October 10th 2017

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Lots of pool work this week including two try-dives, Chris N will look after Andy Cannon and Paul R will look after Isabella Senior.

Dave C will be doing OS2 with Debbie and Daniel

Rob will be doing OS5 with Shaz and George V (George has done OS5 but needs practice with CBL).

Dave P will continue pool work with Henry…OS3, I think.

Ann will be doing OT1 and OS1 with Emmeline (that’s both theory and pool Emmeline so if you can get there early we’ll get it all done)

Oliver (I think) has the last part of OT4 to complete (from slide 14) so Chris B will do this and then, if there’s another youngster…Jake?…available to help, Oliver needs CBL practice in the pool.

As there is a lot of pool work, please could all instructors, wherever possible, bring their own kit. Thanks.

I realise I have concentrated on Ocean Diver trainees this week, next week I will make Sports Diver trainees the priority. Please could all the sports diver trainees let me know if they will be available (or not) on the 17th so I can plan best use of the time. Thanks.


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