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Diver Training

New to scuba diving and want to find out more?

You probably have lots of questions… Is scuba diving for me? How long does it take? Is it safe? Will I like it? How much does it cost? And probably many more.

People can learn from age 12 upwards (People under 18 will need parental/guardian permission). Barnsley BSAC Divers offers a full Diver Training Programme that allows you to progress through a framework of qualifications at your own pace – from complete beginner all the way up to Advanced diving. We also provide a number of speciality certifications – Dry-suit, Oxygen Administration, Nitrox, and, many others.


Our club follows all BSAC’s policies and guidance for issues such as safeguarding and accessibility.  You can find them by following this link to the BSAC website.  Policies & Procedures

If you have any concerns or questions please email us using the contact form and our Welfare Officer will get in touch with you.

How we train you

In BSAC courses, diving skills are taught progressively – each new experience built upon, step-by-step. This combination of theory, pool sessions, open water skills and continual technique practice enables you to develop your diving in a safe and enjoyable way.

Open Water training is conducted right here in the UK! We attend managed dive sites most weekends for training and fun. Have a look at our video for a taste of open water training.

What does it all cost?

Training, diving and qualifying with Barnsley BSAC is great value with upfront costs for adults of just over £115 and around another £180 over the course of your training. This includes your BSAC registration (£65.50 adult £33.50 student), branch fee (£10 per month) and other sundries such as training packs, kit hire and dive site entrance fees. That’s great value starting from £295!!

Family, junior and student member costs are much lower – please ask!

What if I already have a dive qualification?

Did you qualify with PADI, SAA, SSI or another agency? Great! – you can start diving with us straight away! You would need to join BSAC (£65.50) and pay our branch fee (£10 per month) – and that’s it!

If you did decide to progress your training, then we can offer BSAC cross-over courses to the appropriate level. Training packs cost between £20 and £47.

Diver Qualifications

Barnsley BSAC Divers offers six core diver qualifications that are internationally recognised and certified to the ISO/IEC 24801 recreational diving standards. You will receive a qualification record and certification card which enables you to prove your qualifications when booking dive trips or hiring scuba equipment abroad.

  • Discovery Diver
  • Ocean Diver
  • Advanced Ocean Diver
  • Sports Diver
  • Dive Leader
  • Advanced Diver

Details on the full Diver Training Programme are summarised here

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