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Recently Qualified PADI Diver?

Great – you’re in the right place to continue your SCUBA adventure with BSAC!

Did you qualify with PADI, SAA, SSI or another agency? It’s easy for qualified divers to dive with Barnsley BSAC Divers. If you’ve recently qualified then joining our BSAC club is a great way to maintain and develop your skills. We operate regular UK and Foreign diving on a not-for-profit basis, and, hold many social events for our members benefit.

If you have a recognised qualification you do not have to do any cross-over or further training (unless you want to!). It doesn’t matter who you trained with (recreational, commercial or military), if you’ve never dived in the UK before or if you haven’t dived for a few seasons – all very welcome – please join us!

If you did wish to progress your training to gain additional diving skills with us then we can offer many BSAC skills development courses and diver qualifications – all recognised worldwide. You will also find that our BSAC courses are a much more cost effective route to gain additional skills:

  • Our theory lectures are free to attend.
  • Our Nationally Qualified Instructors are volunteers.
  • We provide low cost kit hire.
  • We don’t charge you to dive different experiences like wrecks or drifts.
  • We arrange regular UK and Foreign dive trips all year around to suit all budgets.

What does it all cost?

You would need to join BSAC (£65.50) and pay our monthly branch fee (£10 per month) – and that’s it. If you did decide to progress your training, then the first training pack costs £33. Further qualification packs cost Between £20 and £47.

Family, junior and student member costs are much lower.

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