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Training Plan 31st August

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Hi all,

Well, we’re back in the room from 7.30 this week, Yay! …and of course, we
also have access to the poolside from 7.30.

*Please read this first paragraph*…This week, being the first back in the
room, I’d be grateful if everyone could aim to come to the room by 7.45pm
because there’ll be a little, long awaited presentation followed by a few
announcements that shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Instructors and
anyone who has their own kit could get set up on the poolside from 7.30 and
then come up to the room by 7.45 please, After the official stuff everyone
who’s getting wet can mosey on down to the poolside and should still get an
hour in the pool.

So to the training plan, I’m guessing a bit about instructor
availability …let me know if I’ve got it wrong for anyone.

*DC* will do OS1 with William Rutter
*Chris * will do OS3 with Joanne and Leonie
*Alexis * will do OS1/2 with Marie
*David * will do OS5 with Becca
*Rob *will be available to help the Shepherd family with buoyancy and trim

No try-dives this week so spaces available for others to go in the pool.
Let me know if you want a space…this week I’ll give priority to those who
haven’t been in the pool for some time.


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