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Training plan 10th September

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Hi all,

The weather has been particularly kind this weekend which is great for all open water training happening as I type. Yesterday Rhys, Giannis, Mate and Richard all made good progress. Sadly, Dominik and Mackenzie both had insurmountable kit and ear issues which meant they didn’t complete what they were hoping to, hopefully things will be better for them next time. I look forward on Tuesday to hearing how things go today.

So, to the training plan. We have one try-dive this week, Alexis will look after George Clay.

Richard will look after Andy and
Dave C will look after Abbie both doing OS1 in the pool

Mark will continue in the pool with Selina

Davis will do a pool sign off with Kacey

Chris N will continue with Humphrey…they know what they’re doing.

Sammy will work with Colleen in the pool if Colleen’s ears are up to it but if not she will do OT4 (I’ll help out Sammy if you need me to).

Chris S will do OT2 with Ryan, Adam and Savahna

Tim will do ST6 with Lee and Angelina and any other SD trainees who want to revise this.

That leaves Nigel free to help with meeting and greeting as we have the possibility of 4 people coming to visit, all of whom are deciding whether they want to join the club. On that note, I’d like to make a serious request to all our qualified divers, whom we very rarely see on Tuesday evenings unless they are furthering their training, to come in on a Tuesday evening just to support myself and Trevor and give the club a better ‘club’ atmosphere. When new trainees and visitors arrive they see a load of very busy instructors and trainees and the only people who can give them information about the club are two elderly (ouch! but it’s true)…., busy members. Is this really the way you want people to see your club? At 7.30 when the evening starts you can get a drink from the bowling or Rigby bar so a few people sitting round, chatting about diving and drinking would give the club a much more welcoming atmosphere and take the pressure off of us. Please think about it and try to give a little back to your club. Thanks for reading my rant…I hope to see a few more faces in the future.


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