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18th July training changes – Instructors please note

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Hello All,
Please please let me know if you are not able to attend. We are getting to
many people not attending with no notification. If this happens to often
you may find yourself not included in the training plan until you confirm
that you are available

*Instructors not available*
Tim Gledhill
Nigel Kaye
Charles Austin
Alexis Moreno
Sammy Norton
Paul Tarn
Pam Tarn
Clare Pettinger
Steve Dearman

*Pool *
David Patchett – Stuart Hately & George Dyson = OS5 (George Cancelled)
Dave Corbett – Tom Markey & Jacob Lettice = OS2

Chris Newsam – Stephen Taylor & Jacob Wardle = OD Theory Test
Ann Bailey – Jake Taylor = Sign Up
Gemma Kitchen – Alex Hollingworth = OT1

*Pool training*
Luke Scruby
Paul Birch Garth
Mick Gwilliam
Steve Gwilliam

“Dean Netherwood
Snorkelling training”

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