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Training Plan Tuesday 12th November

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Hi all,

First of all I’m going to make you all extremely jealous by reminding everyone that we’re off on our belated Egypt holiday on Wednesday..YAY!…Thomas Cook can’t stop us now!!

However, back to the business at hand. Please could ALL trainees remember to bring in their Qualification Record Books EVERY week and before pool lessons wherever possible, spend time with your instructor before you go down to the pool establishing where you’re up to and what you need to cover/practice in that lesson. Also, Ocean Diver trainees, please fill in, or get your instructor to fill in the skills record after each pool lesson. I’ll try and make sure there are pens available on the poolside so it can be done whilst fresh in everyone’s mind. This really helps instructors to maintain the continuity of your training.

We have the usual two try dives this week, Hannah Wake and Lewis Eaton. Suze and Sammy will look after these.

Once he has been signed up (by me), Chris N will do OT0 with Phil Gibson, oversee his swim test and snorkelling

Dave C will be in the pool with Martin and Colleen.

Richard will be in the pool with Will Hodgson

Nigel will do OS1 with Aaron

Mark will be in the pool with Tony

David will do OT5 with Selina, Ryan and Adam

Chris S will do ST3 with Dan and any other SD trainees who would like to revise this lesson

Having signed up Phil, Ann (with Alexis’ help if he’s available) will do a revision session with any OD trainees looking towards doing the OD theory test…Andy, Abbie, Humphrey, Henry, when any of you feel ready to do the test just let me know.


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