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Training Plan 7th August

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Hi all,

It’s going to be quite a busy session this week and the snorkelling section is starting up with their first set of young snorkellers! If you get a chance, take a peek in the new pool sometime between 7.30 and 8.30 to see what they get up to!

Tony Jakins is coming for a refresher session bought for him by his wife who wants him to get back into diving! Tim will look after him. (Welcome back Tim!)

Chris N will do SS1 (SD rescue skills) in the pool with Elliot in preparation for him doing this at Capernwray at the weekend. If Mandi, who is also hoping to get some SD training done at the weekend, is in the pool, she could join in with this and generally refresh skills.

David will continue with Angelina…not sure if they’re into theory or pool this week…or a bit of both?

Dave C will look after our newest member, Adam, doing a general skills review in the pool.

Rob will prepare both Alastair and Elliot for the role of Assistant Dive Manager so they can get their DP1 lesson signed off next Saturday and Sunday respectively.

Ann will look after Matt, Ellie, Callum and Josh doing the OD theory test.

And that’s about it. Not too many people in the pool so if any others want to get some practice in there should be space… and Dean is often a willing buddy! I will send out a separate email about the open water sessions next weekend once I’ve talked to the instructors tomorrow.

See everyone Tuesday,


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