Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan 5th October

Waves Shape

Hi all,

First a message from Lee, this week will be the last opportunity to try on
and order your sweat/polo shirt with the club and BSAC logos on. If you
have ordered already but haven’t yet paid, please make your payment to the
club’s bank account, BARNSLEY BSAC DIVERS, sort code 08-92-99, account
number 65617726. Thanks.

Next a heads up for anyone who hasn’t seen it already, Jason Gregory will
be coming to the club on November 2nd to give us a talk about underwater
photography, illustrated with his stunning pictures of life under the waves
around our British shores.If ever you needed an incentive to get yourself
qualified and into the water, this will be it!

And so to the training plan for this Tuesday…

We have two try-dives, Donna Carroll and her son (13) *David and Steve * will
look after these.

*Chris *will work with Leonie, she will bring her QRB to sort out what she
needs to do.

*Alexis *will continue with Marie on OS2-3

Iain (and Becca possibly) will be in the pool practicing their skills with
hood and gloves in preparation for open water.

*Ann *will do cross over theory with Paul Brown

*DC *will do OT1 with Zara, Wayne, Eva and Will Rutter. start in the room
and go down to the poolside to set up a SCUBA

*Rob *will do ST2 with any SD trainee who wants to join in. Rob will be
*attempting* to do this lesson in the room with an MS Teams meeting at the
same time! So if you can’t get into the room please look out for an MS
Teams invitation from Rob. *NOTE* any SD trainees who have yet to do the
theory test are welcome to join in these lessons to recap and refresh their

There’s plenty of room in the pool for any qualified or pool-signed-off
divers to get in and get wet, there’s no need to book a space in advance
any more, just turn up and plunge in. Remember ‘Practice makes Perfect’!!

See y’all Tuesday,


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