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Wave Shape

Training Plan 30th April

Waves Shape

Hi all,

As usual, the pool stuff first:

Two try-dives again this week, Ruby and her Dad. David and Sammy will look after these.

Rob and Chris N will do some more on the rescue skills in the pool with the SD trainees, Steve, Callum and Dave (and Ken if he wants to join in). Alexis could shadow this?

Mark will work with Babs and Paul in the pool, I think on OS3/4. Babs and Paul, please bring your record book in to show Mark where you’re up to before you go in.

Nigel will work with Dominik in the pool on OS4.

Pam will do a pool sign off with Mackenzie with henry included to give him practice and provide a ‘casualty’ for Mackenzie to rescue.

So to the theory work:

Ann will do OT5 with Ruby, Dylan and Tony J. (Sorry Dylan, I know that’s two theory lessons in a row, you’ll be in the pool next week).

Chris will do OT1 with Rhys (that’s a theory lesson learning all about the SCUBA kit, Rhys. No need to bring swimming stuff).

Alex will do OT3 with Armya.

If Paul T can get to club on Tuesday he will do drysuit theory with Mate and anyone else who’d like to join in. I’ll update on this when I’ve heard from him.

Please note, everyone, the next scheduled Open Water weekend is on the 11th and 12th May. If you want to be involved please get the date in your diary, I’ll be starting some planning for it next week. Ocean diver trainees be aware, the water temperature in both 8 Acre and Capernwray is up (?) at about 10oC which is just about bearable with a thick wetsuit for short dives especially if you’re ‘ard! …but there really is no hurry so if you choose to wait ‘til next month to start your OW training that’s fine. However, if you decide you want to give it a go you must practice your skills in a hood and gloves in the pool before you attempt them in cold water.


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