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Training Plan 2nd January

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Hi all,

Huge thanks to Paul for minding the training records so admirably in my absence, I’m delighted to see that so many trainees, especially Ocean Divers, have made brilliant progress. I’m back now so please refer any training queries back to me either at to@s895383513.websitehome.co.uk or on 07796171786. Thanks.

So, to the training plan which will probably be just a stab at a training plan because I’m not too sure who will turn up so soon after New Year’s eve!

We have two try-dives, Chris Smith and his father Martin. Rob and Paul R will do these.

Chris N will continue ST4 with Will and Alastair. As always, anyone who wants to sit in on these SD lessons for revision are welcome.

Dave P will do OT6 with Henry and Daniel .

Ann will do pool work with Debbie.

We may have other instructors available but I can’t be sure at the moment. I’d be grateful if all trainees could pop in or contact me to ensure that I have everyone’s record and availability up to date…and please, if you’re included in any plan and find you can’t make it, let me know asap so others can take up the instructor time!

I am aware that there are a six people keen to complete drysuit training in the pool, that’s George V, Elliot, Shaz, Henry and two Wombwell members. We have a lot of try-dives coming up through January so I will schedule drysuit training in through February (probably a good plan as you wont be putting the knowledge into practice in open water until at least March or April so it will be fresher in your mind). In the meantime I suggest you let me know which Tuesdays in Feb you can make and ensure you can borrow a drysuit that fits, in preparation.

Lastly, there’s not that much training going on in the pool so please make use of the pool to practice and hone your skills before the new diving season starts. Oh, and with the AGM coming up if there’s anyone itching to take over the TO role but wants to find out more about it, ask away!

See everyone Tuesday, Happy New Diving Year!…..and as it says on my new Tshirt from Bali, “Life is SCUBA Diving, the rest is just surface interval!”


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