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Training Plan 26th April

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Hi all,

Following this week there are only 2 more weeks before the open water
session for Ocean Divers on 14th and 15th May. Any OD trainees who haven’t
practiced their skills recently and especially practiced with hood and
gloves on, should be getting in the pool as often as possible now to ensure
they’re ready for open water.

Hopefully, if enough people want it, we will be training on both the 14th
and the 15th so anyone who can make both days (it’s best to stay overnight
near Capernwray) have a chance to get all the open water sessions
completed. So far I have Iain, Wayne, Dane, Karl and Mick down for this
weekend. Please could all of you email me which day or days you want to
train. Also I am aware that Alexander and Christian might want to do some
SD training. Please could they also let me know which day or days they want
to attend. Thanks.

So, to the training plan:

*In the pool:*
We have two try-divers this week,
*Chris* will look after Mercedes
*David * will look after James Edgson

*Tim *will continue with Paul and John OS4/5

*Charles * will continue with Jaene OS3/4

Plenty of room for others, I think Will, Dane and possibly Rhiana will be
practicing and possibly Matt will be along to observe.

*In the room:*
*Ann* will do OT5 with Karl and Mick

*Rob* will do OT1 with Liz and Miles and demo setting up a SCUBA.

That’s it, I think.


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