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Training Plan 25th July 2017

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Hi all,

Sorry for the lateness of this plan; yet another busy weekend! Having not seen many people last week because of the pool closure and therefore, not knowing exactly who’s available, this week’s plan is a bit fluid.
However, this is what I think will be happening:

Shaz Bailey, who came to visit two weeks ago, is coming along to sign up and get started. Paul R will do OT1 with her and the swim test and some snorkelling, if time.

Chris N will continue with Oliver as planned last week. probably part of OT3 and then continue in the pool. If Jack F is available this week he could join in with this.

Dave P will do the pool sign off with Paul M as planned last week

Tim will follow up the rescue skills with Elliot, Sonny and Cameron by doing SS1 in the pool

We have two try-dives this week (one carried over from last week). They are Michael Webb and Chris Booth. The instructors left are myself, Dave C, Chris B and Steve. We can fight over the try-divers on Tuesday! (although, could any of you who aren’t available let me know please).

This also means that there will probably be an instructor, or two, over to do theory revision with Simon (or any other SD) or Jake (OD)….or to go in the pool with Alastair (our newest member). We’ll sort this out on Tuesday.

See y’all then,


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