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Training plan 24th September

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Hi all,

Since a lot of us are (hopefully) going to be in Egypt this week, I have no try-dives booked in, phew!

I’m doing my best to keep instructors with the same trainees as far as possible so that we get the best continuity.

Thus, in the pool, Richard will continue with Andy, Dave C with Abbie, Chris S with Adam and Nigel with Ryan. However, in case I have to mix things round next week please tick off all completed skills when finished so that a different instructor can always see where you’re up to.

Chris N will continue with Humphrey…not sure if that will be pool or theory. As the pool is quite full perhaps OT4 is a good bet…up to you.

Sammy will work with Selina in the pool, I think OS4 or 5. Kacey , I’m sure will be happy to work with you doing lifts and rescues.

Rob will finish Armya’s OD theory test….just sections 1 (introduction) and 3 (OT2) needed. Then Rob will take Simon in the pool for OS1

Mark will do OT1 with Tony, Martin and Will and then take them poolside to demo setting up and dismantling a SCUBA.

Apart from Andy, Abbie and Humphrey who are all on ‘fast track’ training for very individual reasons, please can all our new Ocean Diver trainees remember that we have ooodles of time to get you familiar with all your diving skills in preparation for open water in the spring. Thus, there is absolutely no need to rush things. Don’t be in a hurry to get lessons signed off until you are completely confident with the skills involved. If you are at all unsure ask your instructor to repeat skills until they are second nature.

I sincerely hope I won’t see you all on Tuesday. Please keep your fingers crossed that Thomas Cook stay around long enough to at least get us to Egypt on Monday. Should they go down later in the week I can cope with a few extra days at Marsa Shagra waiting for repatriation!!


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