Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training plan 18th September

Waves Shape

Hi all,

After yet another highly successful open water day at Capernwray yesterday, we have a slightly quieter evening on Tuesday.

Autumn Briggs and her partner are coming for try-dives. Paul R and Chris will look after these.

Tim will continue with Suze’s Advanced Diver training.

David will be in the pool with Angelina…as promised.

Rob will work with Tony Jakins. (Tony please remember to bring the tick sheet I gave you last week, suitably ticked, so that Rob can see where you’re up to).

Now, a bit of a heads up for next week (25th). For some strange reason I’ve agreed to do a presentation comparing the underwater world found in three very different locations I’ve been to this year…Egypt (Red sea), Fueta Ventura (Atlantic) and the Farne Islands (North Sea). It’ll only be about 20 minutes (phew!) and after that Rob is organising a DSMB workshop for all our newly qualified Ocean Divers…and anyone else who would like to brush up on this skill.

See everyone Tuesday,


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