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Training Plan 12th March

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Hi all,

Another Barnsley home game this week and potentially a big crowd, I’m told. Please could everyone allow extra time to get to the Metrodome.

In order to get away after training before the crowds come out of the football I am planning everybody only doing Theory OR Pool, there won’t be enough time for a bit of both. I suggest theory lessons start as soon as all participants arrive…and no later than 8pm and all the pool people head down to poolside for 8pm to be in the water by 8.20 at the latest as the equipment officers will be calling everyone out by 9.15pm.

So, to the plan, all the pool participants first….

Sammy will be looking after Rhys doing a try-dive, with David shadowing.

Chris N will be doing OS2 with Paul Miller

Tim will be doing OS1 with Babs and Armya

Richard will be doing OS4/5 with Dylan,

Chris S will be doing OS3…I think…with Ruby

…and so to the theory lessons…

Paul T will do ST4 with Callum, Steve, Dave, Ken and George.

Rob will do OT6 with Jess and Giannis

Ann will do OT4 with Mate, Dominik and Tony J. Mark S can shadow this lesson as it covers the BSAC tables.

I’m sorry Mackenzie, I can’t put all three of you smallest people in the pool together as we only have the two very small BCDs. I will make sure you are included in the plan next week. Don’t forget you can always go in the pool and snorkel just for fun if you want to.

It was great to see so many of our qualified divers making use of the pool last week. As the summer progresses we’ll make that a regular feature, perhaps every 6 weeks or so.

See y’all Tuesday,


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