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Hi All,

Firstly, please could everyone note that the scheduled Open Water training dates for September and October have changed (because of clashes with other diving events). If you have OW training to get done before the water gets cold please get these dates in your diary.

The September date will now be the 15th only.

The October date will be 13th and/or 14th to be decided, as usual, when we know who wants to go.

Secondly, the plan for this weekend is for both days to be held at Capernwray. On Saturday (11th) Paul R, Rob, Tim and Suze will be instructing. The Ocean Diver trainees expected are Dan, Matt, Ellie, Callum and Josh. The Sports Diver trainees are Helen and Alistair. Alistair will be acting Assistant Dive Manager to pass his DP1. On Sunday Paul T will be instructing. Sports Diver trainees Mandi and Elliot will be going along with some trainees from Dearne Valley Divers. Elliot will be acting Assistant Dive Manager for his DP1.

Lastly, David, Ann and Shaz will be at 8 Acre Lake this Thursday evening (9th) from about 6pm to get Shaz’s last open water dive signed off.

As always, qualified divers who want to come along to any training event are very welcome as support or just for pleasure diving. The more, the merrier!


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