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Dive Trip Planning for 2018

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Just a reminder that there will be a short meeting at the club on Tuesday 3rd October at 7:30pm so people can share their thoughts about dive trips next year.

Two people have already told me that they cannot make the meeting, and have given me their thoughts.

Iona has already booked the RIB with Paul for the Farnes trip for 21-22 July 2018, so she will be circulating details about this shortly.

Rob is pondering a Red Sea live-aboard, probably the Northern Wrecks, and is possibly looking at April for this. He would also like to repeat the Eyemouth boat diving with Marine Quest, possibly around June, and would like to visit Scotland ( Mull or Loch Fyne?) later in the year, possibly September.

If Rob has an Egypt live-aboard in the first half of the year, then it makes scope to do a shore diving trip to Egypt later in the year, possibly October.

We have had 8 trips in 2017, so hopefully we can have a similar number in 2018, so come with your ideas!


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