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Dive club meeting Tuesday 15th March

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Hi all,

As I explained last week, sadly we do not have access to the pool again
this week but this is fortuitous as we already had pencilled in Paul Tarn’s
‘Save a Dive’ presentation. Paul is an expert on the workings of all things
SCUBA. His presentation is aimed at advising those of us not who are not so
knowledgeable common things that can go wrong when setting up for a dive
which could cause it to be aborted. There are often simple solutions
particularly if you have a few tools and spares with you. The hope is that
by following Paul’s advice you may ‘save a dive’ that you might otherwise
have had to abort. Everyone is welcome, as usual, the more the merrier. The
presentation will be held in* the normal clubroom* off the bowling alley
NOT in the back of the Rigby Bar.

Following the presentation there will be a kit demo. Adrian will bring up
from the cage a variety of familiar and not-so-familiar bits of kit for
newer members to look at and ask questions about. We’d also like to invite
our qualified members to bring in any pieces of kit that they either love
(so they can tell us what’s particularly good about them) or hate (so we
can avoid buying something that is rubbish!).

This is the ideal opportunity to mingle and get to know other members of
the club. It would be great to see some of our more elusive members!
However, please don’t come if you have any of the usual dreaded symptoms.
The room could be quite full so little chance of social distancing.

One last thing, those people who want to have a go at, or finish off their
theory tests can do so during the evening, I will have the paperwork with
me. Let me know at the beginning of the evening and we’ll decide the best
time for you to do it.

See y’all on Tuesday,


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