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Club’s annual winter dive trip + Dive Leader training next year

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Hi All

*Club’s annual winter dive trip*Chris N is planning to go to Capernwray for
the club’s annual winter dive trip up there on Friday 3rd January 2014. I
plan to be there as well. If anyone would like to join us you would be
very welcome. I can offer a lift to 1 or 2 people if you are interested.

The vis is usually excellent as are the bacon sandwiches and coffee/tea.
If anyone needs to get leading a dive signed off, Chris is happy to do that
(no other training though as it will be a bit too cold for any skills work)

Let me know if you want to come, need a lift etc

*Dive Leader training*
Nigel wants to start doing this in the New Year, if anyone wants to join
him can they let me know so we can order all the training packs in one go.

Cheers and have a lovely Christmas and New Year


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