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Underwater Video Workshop – 2-April 7:30pm

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Hi Divers. Hot on the heels of the underwater photography workshop, I’m running a similar workshop on Thursday 2nd April 7:30pm aimed at colour correcting underwater video. Thursday nights will be presentations night for the next few weeks!! Paul Tarn is working up a couple of sessions – if anyone else has any ideas (presenting or content) then please let us know!!

As before, I have built the workshop around free cross-platform (Windows or Mac) software – shotcut.org/download/ – you might want to download and install this before Thursday. Unfortunately, due to the processing requirements for video, you will need a fairly powerful laptop or PC to run this. For HD video, the Shotcut website advises a minimum of a 2-core processor with 8Gb RAM. An Intel i5 or i7 processor should be fine. A decent graphics card is also helpful.

If you do install Shotcut, then please take 30 mins to run through the starter tutorial – shotcut.org/tutorials/ – this will get you quickly up to speed.

During my workshop, I will be adjusting footage of a (another!) seal in the Farne Islands – if you like, you can download this footage from YouTube to try out the colour correction techniques yourselves. Here are the before and afters:

The workshop will run via Zoom – check your emails for details.

Zoom will close down after 40 minutes – we’ll use this opportunity for a 5-minute comfort break. To re-join, click the link again and follow the instructions.

See you all on Thursday!!

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