Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training Plan Tuesday14th November

Waves Shape

Hi all,

A busy night tonight so if any instructors cannot make it the plan will

Dave Patchett SS1 with Will Leach and James Kenyon

Dave Corbett ST1 with Will Booth and Alastair Sheraton (Alastair if
you have not already done so you need to buy the Sports Diver pack it costs

Chris B OT4 from slide 10 with Henry then Henry possibly with
Paul in pool

Chris B then with Shaz practice skills (can Naimh be a buddy)

Steve Damby Try dive with Kim Fretwell

Paul SD Theory test with Iona then possibly pool with

Chris N OT7 with George and Debbie then OS3 with Debbiel

Tim OT4 send half with Daniel then pool

Paul Richardson



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