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Training Plan Tuesday May 1st 2018

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Hi all,

We’re back from a very enjoyable but exhausting liveaboard trip!

It’s a busy night this week starting off with the first part of the compressor course which Tim will be running between 7.30 and 9.30. Please could all those taking part be ready for a prompt start at 7.30.

We have 3 try-dives this week, Kate Brooke and her son Jake who’s 14 and Callum, who missed out last week but is still very keen for his try-dive. Paul, Rob and Dave C will do these.

David P will do pool skills with Tom Gilbert

Chris will continue with Josh, I’m presuming OS1

Suze will look after Debbie taking the OD theory test.

That’s quite a lot of people in the pool, so since all the cage monkeys will be doing the compressor course, it would be helpful if instructors bring their own kit. However, Trevor will take charge of the cage ably assisted by Sammy and Ann so things should go just fine.

As yet I have only 4 trainees wanting to attend the next open water training which will probably be on Saturday the 12th May by popular demand. It will be at Capernwray and is open to OD, SD and DL trainees as well as any other qualified members who just want to come along and pleasure dive for experience or practice. Please let me know asap if you want to join in so we can organise the day to maximise what we can achieve.


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