Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training plan Tuesday 8th August 2017

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Just one try-dive this week. A youngster called Henry Chapman, Dave C will look after him.

Chris N will do the second half of OT3 (from slide 12) with Oliver and then continue in the pool.

Chris B will do OT2 with Shaz (including a demo of kit set-up and dismantle either in the room or on poolside, this is a theory lesson Shaz so you don’t need to bring your swimming stuff ‘til next week).

Paul will do the crossover theory with our new PADI Open Water divers, that’s Alastair, Jess and Nathan if he can make it. Please could you all try to arrive to get started as soon after 7.30 as possible because following that, Paul will do the second half of OT3 with Jack (again, assuming Jack can get to club after work).

I will bring my drysuit and do some drysuit training with Simon in the pool.

Tim will do a SD theory lesson with Elliot (probably ST3 but I will confirm that before Tuesday). Any other SD trainees who want to do this as revision please feel free to join in.

And that’s about it. See y’all on Tuesday.


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