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Wave Shape

Training plan 9th October

Waves Shape

Hi everyone, from sunny Egypt!We have 2 try dives this week, Mackenzie Batley who’s 12, I’ll look after her and Dave C will look after Jess  Booth.
David will do theory with Angelina and then you can go in the pool and Snorkel, Angelina.
Paul R will continue with Autumn and Tom, probably half of OT1 and pool if time.
Chris will continue with Tony …I’m not sure where they’re up to.
Huge thanks to Pam and Dean for holding things together last week. We’ll be back this Tuesday but we might all  be a bit dozy as our flight doesn’t arrive back into Birmingham ’til 2am Tuesday morning!
We’re off for our last house reef dive this afternoon hoping a dolphin or two will pass by.

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