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Wave Shape

Training Plan 6th August

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Well, if I thought it was busy last week it just gets busier and busier!

We have three try dives booked this week and thanks to the support we’re getting from the fantastic DVD instructors, we can honour them all!

Chris S will look after Sallie Wharton, Richard will look after Chris Talbot and Dave K will look after Daz Finan.

Meanwhile, Chris N will complete OS1 and hopefully get on to OS2 as well with Humphrey (snorkelling part already done).

David will complete OS1 with Selina and Colleen (again, snorkelling already done)

Rob will do drysuit theory with Iona and Dominik.

Ann will watch over Mackenzie doing the OD theory test and also do OT6 with Armya and Rhys

Paul will do ST3 with Lee and Dan (and anyone else who’d like to revise it)

Pam will do OT3 with Kacey (likewise with anyone else who’d like to revise it).

Despite there being a lot going on there is still room in the pool for people to practice (although we don’t have a spare instructor to help out this week). If you want to practice, either find a buddy or make sure you buddy check with one of the EOs before you enter the pool.


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