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Training plan 4th April 2017

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Quite a lot happening in the pool this week, which is great.

There are two try-dives, Nicola and Daniel Sykes, Steve and I will do those.

Dave C is not available this week so Dave P please continue pool training with Stan (OS4). Stan, don’t forget to bring in your check list for Dave to see.

Chris N please start pool training (OS1) with Paul McCauley.

Paul T please do ST6 with Adrian and any other sports diver trainee who wants to revise this.

Chris B please advise the OD trainees who are preparing for OW dry-suit training next Sunday and help them to sort out their weight belts.

Tim please could you do some skill practice with Simon in the pool.

I suggest, Hannah, Will and Sonny that, having sorted out the weight belt stuff, you get in the pool (not with drysuits or weight belts!!) but with hoods and gloves, and practice mask removal and refit, and reg recovery with them on.

Everyone, please remember there is a footie match on this week (last of the season, I believe) so allow a bit of extra time to get through the crowds and get parked. This is why we have postponed the normal presentation night until 11th April. More about that next week!


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