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Training plan 2nd October

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Hi all,

First of all please note that Barnsley are playing at home this Tuesday so allow a bit of extra time to get to the Metrodome and park. Also, the equipment officers will want you out of the pool a bit earlier than usual so they can get packed up and away before the football crowds turn out.

So, to the training plan, we have two try dives, Alfie Farmer and Archie Roys (both 15 yrs). Paul T and Rob will be doing these. Since Trevor and I will not be at club this week, Dean will be looking out for the try-divers and getting them started with the paperwork (Paul R, please could you get the try-dive packs to Dean, thanks…and Dean, don’t forget some pens!!). Paul T, you’ll need to do the try-dive introduction for the lads because Rob will not be arriving until about 8ish.

Chris will be continuing with Tony Jakins

Dave C will do OS1 in the pool with Autumn and Tom

Paul R will be in the pool with Angelina once he has finished his stint with the snorkellers. To help out with this, Nigel, please could you get Angelina kitted up ready for her and Paul to get diving as quickly after 8.30 as possible. Thanks.

I’m off to get the rest of my stuff packed…Egypt here we come!!


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