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Training plan 27th June 2017

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Hi all,

We are again a bit short of instructors again this week so those of you who are missed out please be patient, you will be included next week.

We have two try-dives, Ross and his wife. Steve and Tim will do these. Tim, can you please be ready at the door to meet them when they arrive?

Chris B will do OT1 with Oliver and George and then organise George’s swim test…perhaps one of the Cage Monkeys can monitor this? Chris will then take Paul M in the pool to do OS5.

Chris N will do OS1 with Jack F and Oliver. I think both of them have done some snorkelling.

Dave P will do the cross over from PADI with Nathan.

Paul R will do ST1 with Elliot and Sonny. Please note, Elliot and Sonny, Paul would like to go in the pool after the lesson so he needs to start it by 7.45pm at the latest. Please try to arrive on time.

Jake, Dave C will not be here this week, if you want to go in the pool for more practice, Chris B will need someone to be a casualty so Paul M can learn his rescue skills. You can join in the OS5 lesson with them if you would like. Speak to Chris when you get there.

That’s all we can do this week. Trevor, myself and Mary are all away. Any problems, please talk to Dave P or Paul.

Have fun!


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