Wave Shape
Wave Shape

Training plan 24th August

Waves Shape

Hi all,

At last we’re back to just one evening a week but inevitably the pool is
going to be busier. As we can now use the pool from 8pm to 9.30 on a
Tuesday we’re going to stagger the kitting up and dekitting times to
alleviate the pressure on the EOs. Please read the times below carefully
and arrive on the poolside in the correct ‘wave’ at the right time. Thanks.

*Wave 1*

Instructors arrive on poolside from 7.30pm, trainees and try-divers *7.45pm*
(unless they have their own kit in which case they can set up from 7.30

*Charles *with try diver Zara Hardcastle
*Nigel *with Ken doing drysuit training
*Tim *with Devin doing full skills review and pool sign off
*David *with Leonie to try and perfect buoyancy control and mask clearing
and OS5 together with Becca if she’s back from her holiday.

This wave will be called out of the pool at about *9.10pm*

*Wave 2 *

Arrive on poolside to kit up from *8pm*

*Chris *continue with the Shepherd family (it was my mistake they weren’t
there on Thursday, Chris…they will be there on Tuesday!)
Mackenzie – getting in a bit of practice
Will Hodgson -preparing for open water
Tony Rouse – preparing for open water too.

This wave will be called out of the pool at about *9.25pm*

If all turn up that’s 16 people in the pool which we think is the maximum
to be comfortable. So if you’re not in this list please don’t turn up this
week. You will definitely have space next Tuesday.

Next week we start back in the clubroom but for this week we must continue
with Zoom theory lessons.

*Rob *will do OT5 with Marie, Joanne and Liam. Please use the usual zoom
link: zoom.us/j/9196753175

FINALLY…a date to put in your diary…Next Open Water training/fun
session at Capernwray will be Sunday 19th September. Please email me if you
would like some training including what lessons you need OR if you’re
qualified and you just want to come along to support, for experience or
just for fun…all welcome!


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