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Training plan 24th April

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Hi all,

A very meagre week, training-wise, mainly because most of your lovely instructors will be away in Egypt!!

There is just one try-dive this week, Callum. Paul Tarn will do this but please could others look out for Callum should Paul be delayed by work.

Our new Ocean Diver trainee who signed up and did his swim-test last week, Josh, will start this week with OT1 (first lesson, new syllabus) and, if time, pop down to the cage to look at setting up and dismantling the SCUBA.
Mary will organise getting him an Ocean Diver pack and a set of tables and Chris N will look after the lesson.

And that’s about it! Plenty of space in the pool for people to come in and practice or just get wet.

So far I have very little take-up for the first open water training days on 12th and/13th May. This is open to OD trainees, SD trainees and any other qualified club members who just want to do a couple of fun dives and perhaps support the training. Please let me know if you want to come and what you want to achieve.

I’m going to try not to get too sunburnt! See y’all on the 1st May.


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