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Training Plan 23rd August

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Hi all,

First of all, a message for our newly qualified Ocean Divers. We’re aware
that some of you have not registered your qualification with BSAC. If
that’s you, please come and see Rob or David at the club on Tuesday to show
them your completed QRB so that the qualification page can be filled in.
Then email Rob the Unique Reference Number from your training pack and
include a suitable passport type photograph (you are allowed to smile) to
rob@acasta.co.uk. He will register your qualification with BSAC and then
you will receive your qualification card.

Secondly, it looks like we will be able to offer open water training on the
25th September so please let me know if you want to be included and get the
date in your diary. We have two instructors available that day but others
would be welcome.

Thirdly….err….there was something else that someone asked me to put in
the training plan but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. If
that was you, please nudge me and I’ll send out an addendum! So, to the
training plan:

*In the pool:*

*Dave C and Charles * will look after our two try-divers, Michael Hirst and
Jenni Upperdene’s daughter (15)

*Rob * will do OS1 with Steve Taylor and Louis

*David *will do OS3 with Janet

*Nigel * will do OS3 with Bryan

I think Jo might be going in the pool and possibly Will too. Any others
PLEASE let Adrian know (not me) all are welcome, there’s plenty of room!

* In the room:*

*Ann * will sign up Ben Norfolk, do OT0 then pass him to *Dean * for

And that’s it, sorry for the lateness of this training plan, I’ve had a
busy weekend. See y’all on Tuesday


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