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Training Plan 23rd April

Waves Shape

Hi all,

Just one try-dive this week, Lorraine Hirst, Sammy will look after her.

Tim will continue drysuit training with Helen, Adam and Steve if his drysuit is sorted.

Pam will also be doing drysuit training with her trainee Ellen.

David will do a pool sign off with Mate and Alexis will shadow this.

Alex will work on OS3 in the pool with Armya

Chris N will work in the pool with Dominik trying to get both OT4 and OT5 finished (they will need a ‘casualty’ to practice CBL on…are there any OD trainees who might be practicing skills this week who could lend a body here?)

Ann will be signing up Rhys Isherwood, doing OT0, swim test and snorkelling with him.

Since Dylan missed last week, Richard will do OT4 with him to catch up.

Chris S will do OT5 with Babs, Paul and Tony. (Apologies for two theory lessons in a row, Babs and Paul but the pool will be swarming with drysuits this week so I promise you’ll be in the pool next week).

Paul T will do ST5 with Callum, Dave, Ken (?) and George(?) and Steve if his drysuit is not fixed in time. (Prior warning SD trainees, I’ve planned in another rescue skills lesson in the pool for you all next week so that you are prepared for doing the same skills in open water soon).

Well, another busy week. If Nigel and/or Charles are available they could shadow the SD theory lesson or help Chris N with Dominik in the pool, either would be useful.

Hope everyone’s having a bonza Easter weekend…what fabulous weather!



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