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Training Plan 17th September

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Hi all,

Thanks to Dave and Nigel who did sterling service talking to our visitors last week…they did it so well that we gained a new member. Welcome Tony! It really did help a great deal having some qualified divers here to talk to people about the club enabling Trevor and I to get on with the ‘official’ stuff! If anyone else feels they can pop into club between 7.30 and 8.15 to help meet and greet they would be much appreciated…and what’s more they could then get some skills practice in in the pool afterwards as well…bonus!

We have two try-dives this week, Samantha Horton and her husband. Alexis and Mark will look after these.

Dave C and Richard will continue with Abbie and Andy in the pool.

Chris S and Nigel will do OS1/2 with Ryan and Adam. They have already done the snorkelling part of OS1.

Chris N will finish OT3 and then OS5.with Humphrey .

Chris would then like Rob to do a pool sign off with Humphrey.

Ann will sign up Tony and then pass him over to Sammy to do OT0, swim test and snorkelling.

Ann will then do OT4 with Kacey and Selina

Tim will do ST4 with Angelina and anyone else who would like to revise this…it’s the ‘Deeper Diving’ lesson with all the complicated tables stuff…a good one to revise if you haven’t yet passed the theory test.

David will look after Callum and possibly Lee doing the SD theory test.

Yet another very busy week, it’s great to see the club so buzzing!


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