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Training Plan 17th and 19th August

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Hi all,

You’ll be pleased to hear that t’committee have finally come to an
arrangement with BPL about our pool and room access going forward. In a

This coming week we have the pool Tuesday and Thursday as
‘normal’….training plan below…*this will be the last Thursday.*

The followingTuesday (24th August and every Tuesday thereafter) we have
access to the poolside from 7.30pm and can use the pool from 8.00pm to
9.30pm….more about that in next week’s training plan.

The following Tuesday (31st August) we will be back in the room from
7.30pm. Please put this date in your diary as it would be good to see as
many members as possible there to celebrate the ‘re-opening’ of the club in
its entirety! We have a presentation to make on that evening and will also
be discussing plans for the future. Everyone is welcome to come and share

So, to the training plan for this week. We have a lot of members away on
holidays and instructors away diving this week and also the try-divers who
were booked in had to cancel. The result is a very quiet week so plenty of
space for anyone who wants to come in and make use of the pool. Just let
Adrian know if you need kit from the cage.


*Chris *will continue with Joanne

*David *will do OS1 with Marie

*Tim * will do OS5 with Liam with the help of Mihai


*David *will continue with Marie (Liam can join in here if he wants to)

*DC * will continue with Leonie

*Chris * will work with Diane, Christian and Alexander on rescue skills

Looking forward to seeing lots of old and new faces on Tuesday 31st!!😊


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