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Training Plan 13th August

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Hi all,

Please be aware that this Tuesday Barnsley FC have a home game so there’s likely to be more traffic around the Metrodome at 7.30. Please allow plenty of time for your journey. I’m going ahead with the training plan as usual but things may have to be rearranged on the day if any of the instructors or trainees are held up. To ensure we’re away before the football crowds come out, everyone going in the pool should be heading down around 8pm with a view to getting out of the water by 9.15 at the latest. Thanks.

We have three try-dives, all of whom I hope will turn up this week. I intend sending out reminders.

Mark will look after David Ling,

Richard will look after Matthew McCormick,

Chris N will look after Simon.

Rob will do drysuit training in the pool with Iona.

Sammy will do OS2 in the pool with Kacey.

Ann will do OT2 with Selina and Savahna and watch over Mackenzie if she wants to do the theory test.

David will do OT1 with Colleen and afterwards demonstrate putting together and dismantling the SCUBA, if time allows.

I’m hoping Alexis will be available to stand in should any other instructors not be able to get in and perhaps, Alexis, you’d like to shadow a theory lesson if all goes to plan.

We now have a plan finalised for the Open Water training next weekend. We will send out the briefing to all those involved tomorrow as two separate emails, one for each day. Talk to myself or Rob on Tuesday if you are unsure of anything and don’t forget to pick up any kit you need from the cage on Tuesday. If you’re expecting to go and you don’t get the brief please let me know ASAP.

As always, if you’re a qualified diver and want to join us on either day to support the training or just to get wet, you are very welcome, just let us know that you are coming and we will look out for you.


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