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Training Plan 12th September

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Hi all,

Sorry this training plan is so late. I’ve been away since Friday lunchtime and didn’t have time to do it before.

I understand there’s a footie match on this Tuesday, Barnsley playing at home v Derby so please set out early if you want to get to club on time. I suggest we stick to either theory OR pool and anyone planned to go in the pool get set up just after 8 and in the pool as soon as possible so to be out by 9.25 at the latest and miss the footie crowds on the way home.

So, this is what I think will be happening:

David P will do the try-dive with Amy’s friend Emmeline

Chris B will continue with Shaz doing OS2 in the pool

Chris N will continue in the pool with Oliver

Rob will continue in the pool with George (please remember to bring your tick list George so Rob can assess where you’re up to.)

Trevor will look after Simon taking his Sports Diver theory test.

Ann will do OT2 with Debbie and Henry

If we have another instructor available then I will ask them to to ST3 for Sonny, Cameron and anyone else who would like to revise this. I’m not sure who is available at the moment but I’m hopeful there’ll be someone!

See you all on Tuesday,


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