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Restarting the dive club!

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I’m sure you’ll be delighted to know that we have, at last, got the go-ahead to restart pool diving sessions at the Metrodome!

We do not have access to the clubroom yet so instead we have negotiated use of the dive pool from 7.30 through to 9pm and possibly 9.30pm. on a Tuesday evening. This means that theory training will continue online…more about that later.

Your committee and instructors have worked out a protocol for setting up kit , buddy checking and diving with as much social distancing as possible and have produced a risk assessment which BPL have approved. Amongst other things this includes details of how all the kit; masks, regs and BCDs will be rinsed and treated with Chemgene HLD4D after each usage making it safe for the next user. I can send you a copy of the risk assessment if you’d like to see it.

The Metrodome does not insist on face masks but we feel that people may feel more comfortable using a face mask during poolside training, as the instructor may have to come closer than 2m to ensure your kit is properly set up and explain/ demonstrate skills. This will, therefore, be at your and your instructor’s discretion.

What I need to know now is how many trainees are keen to get back to their training under these conditions. We are limited to a maximum of 12 divers in the pool at any one time. Next week we want to run just one session starting at 7.45 for up to 8 trainees with 4-6 instructors depending on the take-up …to see how it goes. Please let me know, therefore if you want to be included in this session. I will allocate trainee spaces on a first come first served basis. If I have too many the names will transfer to the following week. If things go well and we have a lot of interest we may be able to consider two shorter sessions during an evening to facilitate try-dives and access for qualified divers but that is yet to be decided.

Please let me know by Friday at the latest and I will put together a training plan with further instructions on how the evening will proceed. Please note, sadly we are very restricted on numbers at the moment so please do not turn up unless you are mentioned in the training plan.

I’m so looking forward to getting wet again…I hope you are too.

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