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Hi all,

Having done a bit of canvassing last week I now have three dates (determined by instructor availability) for open water diving. The details I have so far are listed below. If you want to add your name to any of the days or suggest further ones please let me know:

1. Rob wants to go to St Abbs on 16th September when high tide is around mid-day. The plan, therefore would be to leave early morning to get there for noon, do two dives from St Abbs Harbour…probably Seagull Rock and possibly Cathedral Rock or Big Green Carr during the afternoon and drive back the same evening. However, there are some nice B&Bs around St Abbs and a cheap hotel outside Eyemouth so staying the Saturday night and doing a bit of sight seeing on the Sunday morning might be a good option for anyone who doesn’t want to do a lot of driving in one day. Rob will only do this if he has enough people interested. As far as I know so far Charles and Cameron are keen…any other takers?

2. Rob is also prepared to go to a quarry (probably 8 Acre Lake but this has to be confirmed) on 23rd OR 24th September to get some training done. Adrian, Jake and Simon have all said they are available that weekend. Are there any other instructors available then?

3. We have four instructors available (David P, Tim, Dave C and me) to go to Capernwray on the 8th October. This means we could get a lot of training dives done. So far Adrian and Jake are interested in this date, let me know if you want me to add your name in here.

As always, all qualified club members are welcome on our open water trips for experience and fun, no need to ‘book’ a place just let us know you are coming before the day so we look out for you.

Lastly, Alastair (one of our latest new, qualified members) is keen to get experience but cannot make either of the training dates. Are there any dive leaders willing to go with Alastair perhaps to 8 Acre (not so far to drive) on the weekends of the 30th Sept/1st Oct and/or the 28th/29th October. Perhaps you could organise this… a good opportunity to gain experience of dive marshalling/management.

Hope to see lots of you at club on Tuesday. Don’t forget it’s Nick’s presentation. Do come along promptly at 7.30 to see what it’s like diving in the Med off Portugal…lovely!


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