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Training plan Tuesday 2nd July 2024

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Hi All

Well the holiday/trip season has started in earnest so a quiet session tonight in the pool especially. That does mean that there is some space in the pool for you to practice skills, try out new toys……err I mean items of essential equipment or just blow the cobwebs off, just let me know if you want a space.

First though an Important reminder.

Can you please check that all your lessons have been signed off either online or in your QRB. This is the only permanent record of your lessons. If any are missing please let me know so that we can speak to the relevant instructors.

In the pool

Paul BG – Dry suit training                         Chris Newsam

Emma Summers – Pool refresher              Gemma Kitchen

Jack Sanderson – Pool refresher.              Charles Austin

In the room

Rhiana Boid – ST3                                    Ann Bailey

Aaron Strong – OT6                  David Corbett

Jarvis Critchley

Michael Booth – OT3                                David Patchett

As always please let me know if you can’t make it.

Other than that I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see you all on Tuesday.


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