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Training plan Tuesday 25th June 2024

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Hi All

A quiet week for training this week, however that does mean there is quite a bit of space in the pool for those wanting to practice, test new equipment ect. Just let me know if you want a space.

For those who are training remember to get your lessons signed of either online or via your QRB, preferably both. This is the only permeant record of what training you have completed

So on with the plan

In the pool

Jarvis Critchley
Michael Booth – OS2 Gemma Kitchen

Aaron Strong – OS5 Chris Newsam

In the room

Eliane Fennell – OT6 Ann Bailey

Scott Brewster – SD theory Test
Bryan Rutter – ST5 Nigel Kaye

Rhiana Boid – ST1 Tim Gledhill

Allison Russell – ST4 David Patchett

As always please let me know if you can’t make it.

Have a great weekend one and all


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