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Training Plan Tuesday 18th June 2024

Waves Shape

Hi All

Firstly Ann is hoping to run a Nitrox workshop this week for all who wish to attend. This week will part 1 which is aimed at Ocean Divers followed next week by part 2 which will be for Sports Divers. If you have not done any of these workshops before you will need to do both.

Can you please let me know if you wish to attend so that Ann has some ideas of numbers

Right on to the training plan,


Please remember to get your lessons signed off at the end of your session either digitally or by getting your QRB signed. This is the only permanent record of your training

In the pool

Tom Markey
Flis Sanderson – Dry suit practice                   David Patchett

Will Ward
Emma Summers – Pool sign off        Tim Gledhill

Martin Higgins
Issac Hale – Pool sign off       Chris Newsam

Elaine Fennell
Deborah Beckley casualty – OS5       Ezra Morris

Rhiana Boid – Pool refresher       Gemma Kitchen

In the room

Michael Booth
Jarvis Critchley – OT2      Steve Dearman

Bryan Rutter
Scott Brewster – SD theory test      Nigel Kaye

As always please let me know if you can’t make it.

See you all Tuesday


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