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Last Call for Members Survey

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All members – please make sure you check your email for a link to the 2015 members survey – we need your input and ideas!! The survey can only be accessed using the link/token in the email – and it will close on Tuesday.

The Membership Survey provides an opportunity to express your ideas and opinions on how the club can progress and develop. We are especially interested to hear things like:

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  • Activities you enjoy most as a club member?
  • Activities you enjoy least as a club member?
  • Changes we could make to how we run club training and trips?
  • Other activities you think we could undertake as a club?


So, please-please-please help us to make the club stronger by completing this short member survey – it only takes 5 minutes. It’s your opportunity to put your ideas forward, and, have your say in how the club is run. The survey is completely anonymous, and, all ideas, comments, and opinions will be considered.

If you have any problems accessing the survey then email Rob (a) acasta.co.uk

Visit BSAC.com