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Egypt Roots Camp – Oct 2022

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Just to let you know that a few of us (Linda, David P, Ann and Trevor) are looking to go to Roots camp in Egypt on 4 October this year for a weeks shore diving.

This is a dedicated diving set-up which a number of club members have been to before. Open to all qualification levels, including trainees who have completed theory and pool lessons.

Experienced divers are allowed unguided access to the house reef, inexperienced divers will require a guide. There is also the option of daily trips out by truck or boat to other nearby dive sites.

They are BSAC accredited, so any trainee Ocean divers could complete their open water dives in warm water and finish the week with guided pleasure dives. Water temperature is likely to be 27 or 28 deg C, air temp during the day in the 30s.

We book the accommodation/diving direct with Roots, and book flights ourselves, as this is significantly cheaper than using a travel agent like Regal Dive.

The Roots package (airport transfer, 7 nights deluxe, en-suite accommodation with air con, soft all inclusive (ie alcohol not included), unlimited house reef diving (if experienced) costs £799 (single supp £125). Currently air fares are around £550 with TUI on this date. Note this is not an ideal place for non diving partners, there is a swimming pool but little else to do apart from diving/snorkelling.

See also https://www.rootsredsea.com/ for accommodation and https://www.pharaohdiveclub.com/ for diving.

Trevor is about to book 3 rooms, and he will ask them to hold a few more for a few days in case anyone else is interested. Once rooms are booked the air travel can be arranged. The Roots part of the cost is normally settled direct with them at the end of the holiday.

Please let Trevor Bailey know ASAP if you are interested so rooms can be held (October is in their peak season)

Visit BSAC.com