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Dive Tips – Trouble clearing your ears? You are not alone.

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Hi All

If you are having trouble clearing your ears when descending,you might find
this tip from Dianne at Coco Zone Dive Club useful.

That is to start equalizing *before* you even go under the water.

So, while you are waiting to start your descent, do an initial equalisation
before you start to descend.

By starting above the water, this “pre-pressurises” the ear and makes
equalisation easier upon descent. It gives you that little extra air that
could make a difference between an easy descent or a more difficult one.

Quick and easy. But effective. (I realised that I do this as I always worry
about equalising though I rarely have a problem). BUT, never force it, if
you have a cold and force it you could damage your eardrum.

For more tips on clearing your ears, you can check our their page here:



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