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Club Trip – End of Summer 2021 – Farne Islands

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The club is planning an end of summer 2021 dive to the Farne islands. Open to all Barnsley club divers there will be 2 dives per day.

The cost if £50.00 per day (£100.00 total). There will be air tank refills provided by the boat operator, Billy Shiels, at a cost of £5. You will need to take two tanks as we won’t go into the harbour between dives.

You will need to book accommodation for the Friday and Saturday nights in Seahouses, as ropes away 8:30am

If you would like to go please contact Suze. A deposit of £50 is required payable to the club account (Barnsley BSAC / 08-92-99 / 65617726 REF: Surname-Farnes21). The rest is payable 6 weeks prior to the dive date.

For further information please do not hesitate in contacting Suze.
This policy is designed to ensure that trips remain financially viable and is fair for all members/guests going on trips arranged by the club. Late cancellation means that extra money has to be paid by others on the trip which is unfair
  1. In order to secure a place on a trip a deposit must be paid to the Treasurer. If for any reason a person subsequently cannot go on the trip, then the deposit is not refundable unless the place can be filled by someone else.
  2. The final balance must be paid to the treasurer six (6) weeks before the date of the trip. If the final balance is not paid at least four (4) weeks before the date of the trip then the deposit and place on the trip is forfeit. If the place is subsequently filled then the deposit is refunded
  3. If a person does not go on the trip having already paid for that trip then all monies paid are forfeited, unless, in the unlikely event that the place can be filled at the last minute.
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