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Polo shirts with the new club identity are now available to order.

The club logo appears printed on the back. On the front as well as the logo will be your name.

We have decided on this format so that members, especially new ones, know who they are chatting to and we feel it is a more friendly way of being identified with the club. In addition its also advertises the club.

We looked at a dark blue option but the logo did not look great so we have finalised on black (which is more practical when going diving) but there is an option of white.

If you would like to purchase one (or two) then we need to know your size S, M, L, XL – the colour and your name as you want it to appear on the shirt. There is a medium in cage if anyone wants to try it for size before they buy.

The cost is £13.50 and you can place your order with Chris Hill either at the club or by email

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