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Club nights 21st and 28th December

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Hi all,

Sadly, in view of the current covid situation, the committee have decided
that gathering in the room for a Christmas Do is not sensible so we have
postponed it. We’ve decided to have a social evening once all this
immediate covid rubbish is over, perhaps in February.

In the meantime we see no reason why we can’t continue using the pool
assuming those who come have no covid symptoms and are sensibly distanced
whilst kitting up.

Unfortunately I have no idea which of our instructors are available on
Tuesday so I’m not able to do an official training plan but I feel certain
that some will be along on the 21st. I’m suggesting that everyone who would
like to get wet on Tuesday come straight to the pool. Qualified divers and
pool-signed-off divers can just get kit and go in (first come, first served
but don’t hassle at the cage door!!). I’ll be there to organise some
training for any trainees who want to turn up….I might even go in the
pool myself!!

Similarly the pool and kit will be available to qualified and
pool-signed-off divers on the 28th…but not for trainees, sorry.

We will be back to normal from 4th January…Instructors and trainees, if
you’re not available on the 4th please let me know so I can make a
reasonable stab at a training plan.Thanks.

To everyone I won’t see between now and Christmas, Trevor and I wish you a
lovely Christmas with lots of food, booze and presents and a happy and
healthy New Year with lots of diving!!


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