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Barnsley BSAC Divers Return to Diving

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Following a recent meeting the committee would like to update you on our proposed outline for a return to diving.

Pool Diving

We have not yet received information from BPL about a proposed opening date for the pool. As soon as we have further information regarding this we will get in contact with you to explain what will happen. For now, Tuesday evenings remain as online theory teaching.

Quarry Diving

We are waiting for Capernwray Dive Centre or 8 Acre Lake (managed, inland sites that we are familiar with) to open so that we can start to make a safe return to diving. Once we have confirmation of them opening we will make further plans which you will be updated on. This is likely to be based on the following outline.

Considerations for returning to open water diving

  • Most of us have not dived for a considerable period of time therefore we need to check kit and re-build experience in a careful manner
  • Due to government guidelines we will be required to observe social distancing (2m distance between individuals from different households) and not congregate in groups larger than 6 people when visiting open water sites

We will have a phased return to diving as follows

  • Phase one: instructors and divers identified as dive managers who have adequate experience to lead dives and take responsibility for organising small groups will go diving to determine how we will organise ourselves and how the day will run under the new conditions. This will also give them the opportunity to refresh their own diving and check kit before we dive together as a more diverse group.
  • Phase two: we will then organise diving days for qualified divers to come and dive together under the new conditions so that everyone has the opportunity to get diving again.
  • Phase three: we will be able to consider resuming some open water training.

Things to consider for coming diving when we are able to

  1. People from different households will need to travel separately
  2. We will need to be able to kit up independently (BSAC recommend those with back zip drysuits are done up by their buddy while they both wear masks and do not stand downwind of one another – this level of detail will be clarified after the initial dive manager trip). But in the meantime practice kitting up independently and developing new ways of doing things where necessary.
  3. We will have to dive in groups of 6 or less. This will not put a limit on the number of us who can go each day as we can divide into such groups. However, we will have to stick with the group we have been given and not wander into other groups socialising.
  4. Dive kit hire may or may not be available at the quarries, we will find out. The equipment officers are organising kit hire within the club but this is not yet established and it is likely to be limited, at least initially.
  5. To minimise the number of divers at the inland dive sites, non-divers should not attend.

Trip Diving

For pre-organised trips, the dive manager for each trip is the point of contact for queries and they will update you on whether the trip is running or regarding postponements and cancellations. If you are unsure or have queries about any trip please get in touch with the dive manager or any committee member and we will try to help.

It is likely that shore diving will be the most feasible way of diving under the current restrictions and we will be looking to run shore diving trips later in the season once it is possible (accommodation available, we have been diving in quarries, etc).

It is not safe to go sea diving as the first dive of the season or the first dive after a long break. It will therefore be necessary for all of us to go diving at a managed inland dive site prior to any sea diving.

Any queries, questions, or comments, please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Thank-you and keep safe

The Committee

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