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Barnsley BSAC – Diver Workshops

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Greetings Divers. The club experienced huge demand during 2022 – lots of diving, new trainees and a wide range of courses to support. Whilst this is positive news, the club has recognised that post-qualification, it is quite easy to feel cast adrift and difficult to know what to do next as a new or inexperienced diver – especially when everyone else looks so busy!

To help support new or less-active divers, the club has devised a programme of informal activities to help impart useful information that is not taught in the Diver Training Programme. In addition, the club will also run pool-based refreshers to help maintain your diving skills. So far, the following dates have been put aside:

  • January 24th (Boardroom) – we will look at personal development plans, buying kit, what to expect from trips, plus a few knotty problems…
  • February 28th (Pool) – this will be a general skills refresher on buoyancy control and DSMB deployment
  • March 21st (Boardroom) – tbc
  • April 18th (Pool) – tbc

The sessions are entirely optional – you don’t need to attend, but hopefully you will find time to make some of them. The weekly training plan will still go out as normal and will take priority for you individually – so if there’s a clash between the workshop and a specific lesson plan for you, don’t worry – just attend your lesson as normal.

Hopefully this will help you all stay engaged and skilled-up during the cold and damp winter months, and, ready to hit the water running when dive season starts!!! It is also a great opportunity to get to know other divers, and perhaps even partner with other divers to pop into the club for skills practice.

If you plan to come along to the sessions, it would be helpful if you could drop me a quick message so that I can plan for numbers. Also, please get in touch if you have any questions.



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